Medley of old and new, energy and serenity

Discover Westchester

Westchester is home to over 30,000 business establishments including such Fortune 500 companies.

We have over 90 shopping malls, including The Galleria in White Plains, Cross County Shopping, Center in Yokers, Manufactuer's outlet Center in Mount Kisco, Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights, and the Vernon Hill Shipping Center in Eastchester.  But best of all the WESTCHESTER an upscale Mall in White Plains with stores such as Nordstorms and Neiman Marcus.  For nightlife, there are over 700 restaurants, multiplexes and other entertainment venues.  You can't beat Westchester County as a great place to live and work!  Westchester has six cities, 19 towns, and 22 villages.  Some are set on the shores of the Hudson River or on the Long Island Sound, some are bustling and urban, others peacefully pastoral.  What unites them is that throughout the county, the focus is on preserving the best of the past, while planning for the future.  Westchester has many train stops in all the city's and towns and is just a short trip away from New York City.

A Local Introduction  Moving to Westchester

As real estate professionals, Toni and Terri believe it is not only their duty, but a priviledge to introduce people to the Westchester County area and help them make the most of living here.  They also know that finding your new home is just one of the tasks that face you when your' relocating.  Their goal is to coordinate everything as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while you'r wrapping up the final details of packing up and moving out of your current home.

Chosing a home in Westchester can be a challenge - there are a dizzying number of options.  The housing stock is as varied as the county's changing landscape, as diverse as it's many neighborhoods.

For some, Westchester will beckon with urban sophistication: sleek, modern high rise aeries, edgy so ho-inspired loft spaces, and classy townhouses (turn of the century, pre war, or band new) st in a humming downtown.  Others will be captivated by a tranquil village life and rural landscapes, in a restored Victorian perhaps, or a center hall colonial, or something more ustic. 

Westchester homebuyer is limited only by imagination and budget.  Economic realities of the real estate market are allowing the buyer's imagination to range farther.  With cultural and recreational riches galore, there's plenty to see and do in Westchester indoors and out.  We have wonderful performing arts centers presenting music, dance and theater to suit all tastes; galleries and museums; marvelous mansions and historic sites; parks, preserves, nature sancturaries, golf courses, beaches, and fun places to take the kids. 

Make Your next move your best move

Of course ther'e no obligation.  Toni and Terri believe in making real estate and the relcation process as easy as possible for everyone involved.  To them, that means providing information to anyone who wants to find out more about the area they love so much and know so well.